Fearless Interview with Sean Stephenson

In this episode, I interview my best friend and incredible mentor, Dr. Sean Stephenson. In this interview, we discuss: What it means to be Fearless; the greatest fear Sean has overcome to create the extraordinary life he’s living; how Sean found and married the love of his life (Mindie Kniss); how I worked through a recent painful breakup.

Sean & I Hiking in Sedona AZ.

An Unexpected Lesson From Skydiving

The lesson I learned from my skydiving adventure was quite different than I expected…this one realization will change your life profoundly and permanently

5 Strategies to Stop People Pleasing

Have you ever had the tendency to please others at your own expense? Implement these 5 actionable strategies to end your people pleasing once and for all.


Your Confidence Bodyguard

Do you need to improve your confidence? Implement this strategy that I learned from Sean Stephenson to become instantly confident.


Life is a Choice

Your life is not something you wish or hope for… It’s something you choose to create for yourself. So what choices can you make today to start creating your own Bad Ass Life?

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How To Handle Discouragement From Your Loved Ones

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