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“Peter Scott is the embodiment of transforming fear into extraordinary results.”
– Roberto Monaco,
Founder of Influenceology



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Through this blog you will discover how to unlock the Fearless Code buried inside your DNA so that you conquer your fears and create the life you only dared to imagine. 

What you fear doesn’t exist. It’s just an idea that looms because you are unwilling to face it. 

So the best way to defuse your fear is to step right into it…and do the thing you are afraid to do.

Being Fearless is not the absence of fear.  Being Fearless is having the courage and confidence to do the thing that scares you.

So if you’re ready to live a life that leaves fearless footsteps for others to follow…Welcome Home.

Live Your Life Fearlessly,

Peter Scott IV – The Fearless Mindset Mentor

Peter Scott IV is the Founder of the Fearless Life Academy and #1 Bestselling Author of “The Fearless Mindset“.  He is one of the top mindset and fitness mentors for high achieving entrepreneurs in the world.

Peter’s life was consumed by fear at a very young age, having to tell his Mother at 10 years old that he no longer felt safe living with her because of her alcoholism.  And later, having to watch his Father give up on life and drink himself to death.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to empowering others to conquer their fears so that they create the impact and earn the income they desire.

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