“Peter Scott is just plain one of the best human beings I know. Facing any fear in his life, furiously investing in himself at every turn, the picture of health through commitment and knowledge, and someone who deeply cares about creating value for others. I consider him a friend and an example.”
Garrett Gunderson
New York Times Best Selling Author
“I don’t know anybody who actually loves the process of becoming fit as much as Peter Scott…who makes fitness fun and accelerates the growth of his client’s businesses through their new fitness habits.”
Dr. Sean Stephenson
World-Renowned Speaker & Best Selling Author
“Peter Scott is the embodiment of transforming fear into extraordinary results. The Fearless Life Academy offers you a step-by-step experience to overcome your fears and achieve greatness in your personal and professional life.”
Roberto Monaco
Founder of InfluenceOlogy
“Many business owners sacrifice their health for the sake of growing their business. However, I believe that you can take care of your health AND grow your business at the same time and Peter shows you how to make it happen. Peter’s mentoring is a must experience for every business owner that wants to take charge of their life, their health, and their business once and for all.”
Christian Mickelsen
#1 Best Selling Author
“What I admire most about Peter Scott is the way he lives his own life with integrity. He is 100% committed to living the lifestyle he promotes. I strongly encourage ANYONE seeking a better life to commit 100% to hiring Peter as your mentor and coach. I promise you…Your life will change!”
Dean Grafos
Founder of CORE40
“My sales increased 730% in my new business after hiring Peter.”
Chris Hidalgo
Technology Senior Account Executive
“After attending the Fearless Life Experience, I finally have the tools and resources to grow my business without having to neglect my relationships.”
Heather Hemmer
Founder of The 30 Clean
“Since the Fearless Life Experience, I’ve made rapid progress on my most crippling relationship fears resulting in deeper communication with my wife and daughter.”
John Chmela, AKA Johnny Internet
Founder of BlackNet Group
“Working with Peter has been a life-saving crucible that I’ve gone through in the past 5 months. Nothing short of deep transformation.”
Jason Hernstad
Coaching Client

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